A step by step flow chart
for home buying with
follow-along narrative
in Plain English!
Home buying isn’t one of the easiest things to do. This unique Home Buying Flow Chart will help you to better
understand the often confusing details, with invaluable insight on buying property and how to buy a home. Also
included are tips for building a house or purchasing homes as a real estate investment. It can take hours of research
learning more about how to buy a house, determining affordability, financing opportunities, understanding title reports,
and the escrow process. This home buying guide boils it all down, condensing what you need to know
about buying a house into minutes instead of hours.
In a very short time – with your very own guide to home
buying – you can be much more informed and much less dependent on the real estate “experts”. This is the most
comprehensive, step-by-step, start-to-finish summary of the home buying process in an easy to follow flow chart
format with corresponding narrative designed to walk you through all of the steps.
Learn more about the advantages
of low maintenance living.
Jim & Paula Bordor,
Century 21 United Brokers, say...
Entering into a real estate transaction can be a daunting experience for any buyer. Especially for first-time home buyers wondering what happens next, this flow chart is definitely a time-saving and worry-saving “must have!”
(858) 775-9330  /  jimbodor@msn.com
Mark Hoadley,
Realty Executives, says...
“I have seen many charts and descriptions of the home buying process but never anything like this. The easy to read narrative, linked to every step in the flow chart, makes this the most comprehensive breakdown I have ever seen. It leaves no questions unanswered.”
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Acquire the American Dream through an increased understanding of the process.
Find out more about how to buy bare land
and build your own home.
Kristy Antonella,
Short Sale Experts, Inc., says...
“The short sale process can get complicated but the overview contained in this flow chart and narrative will help unravel the mystery.”
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Debbie Hanson,
Warranty Escrow, says...
“The Escrow section is an especially
helpful tool to better understand what’s
involved in the home buying process.”
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Enjoy a second home or be a better investor by expanding your knowledge.
Gary Nolan,
Paradigm Mortgage, says...
“If I didn’t know anything about what is involved in buying a house or property, or even if I thought I knew everything, this flow chart and the detailed narrative is an invaluable resource for both novice and expert and everyone in between.”
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